Student Visa with a Parent




In order to approve a student visa under 18 years of age, It needs to be satisfied with Accommodation and welfare requirements. The student lives in with a parent.There must be acceptable arrangements for the student general welfare for the student.The parent has a right to remain until the student turns 18 years of age

All schools must be registered with the education department. English is the official language of Australia, New Zealand, UK and Singapore. The main language of Teaching is English in the education system. The education provider advises you to meet the level of English language you need. If you need English language preparation course to meet these requirements, you can also study an English course.




Primary (Grade 01 – 06)

Primary schools inspire a global outlook and help a safe and friendly education situation for all students. Primary school students who are from a Sri Lankan background also take excellence English as a Language backing. This backing is delivered to change the student’s English language skill to let them to fully contribute in primary classes.

Secondary (Grade 7 – 10)

secondary schools adhere to a national curriculum framework which is being implemented in schools to set high national standards in English, mathematics, science and information technology. In order to gain accreditation to accept international students, a school must have access to special English language programs.

High School (Grade 11 – 12)

The High School specifies content and achievement standards for each senior secondary subject. Content refers to the knowledge, understanding and skills to be taught and learned within a given subject. Achievement standards refer to descriptions of the quality of learning, the depth of understanding, extent of knowledge and sophistication of skill expected of students who have studied the content for the subject.