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The Legend of Australian migration in Sri Lanka.

IGP Visa Centre are expert student and migration agents in Australia. We deliver personalized immigration advice and assistance to help your dream of living in Australia come true.

IGP Visa Centre is a professional student and migration agency established in 2005. We provide educational recruitment and migration services to clients across Australia and internationally.

Over the years, IGP Visa Centre has built and maintained a reputation among educational institutions and overseas students as a leader in the international education and Australian migration industries.

Our priority is to provide accurate, personalised advice and assistance to our clients. We also offer extra support, such as locating suitable colleges and schools for students, making arrangements for accommodation, organizing travel, to name only a few.

We continue to set the benchmark in the international education and Australian migration industry. As a dynamic organization, we endeavour to maintain and strengthen our commitment to providing quality visa and educational services.

Some of our great memories...

We bring more than 20 years’ of experience in Visa and Migrations 

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