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Netherlands – The Netherlands, aka Holland, is a thriving nation in northwest Europe. Ranked within the top 10 exporting countries, it is well known for its international outlook and world-leading innovation. Choose to study in the Netherlands and you will enjoy the benefits of one of the best education systems in the world.

Higher education in The Netherlands is known for its high quality and its international study environment. With more than 2,100 international study programmes and courses, we have the largest offer of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. Dutch higher education has a binary system, which means that you can choose between two types of education.

Holland’s many international students come from more than 160 different countries. Dutch society is strongly connected to other cultures, the business community and the world. The Dutch are open-minded and direct, so it is easy to meet them and exchange ideas.
Although Dutch is the national language, almost everybody also speaks English and often another foreign language, such as German or French. Another characteristic of the Dutch is their direct manner. You can say exactly what is on your mind, the Dutch are not easily offended.

Top Courses to Study in the Netherlands



Biomedical Sciences



Cyber Security

Chemical engineering

Energy Science

How to Get a Visa After Study in Netherlands: Post Study Work Visa Options – Search year permit (zoekjaar) for graduates in the Netherlands

The zoekjaar work permit is for non-EU/EEA national who have studied from any of the Dutch University at post graduate level. Once the foreign nationals have completed their degree from the Netherlands, they can apply for search year permit or zoekjaar permit which will be valid for one year duration for job search purpose. Once the foreign nationals have found employment during one year period of zoekjaar visa, the employer hiring them will apply for highly skilled migrant permit on behalf of the foreigner without them require leaving the country.

Orientation Year (zoekjaar) Permits for Foreign Graduates

After completing a Masters Level or PhD level studies from any of world’s top 150 universities according to QS or ARWU from Jiao Tong Shanghai University, the foreign graduates can apply for Orientation year (zoekjaar) permit visa. The orientation year visa is for non-EU/EEA nationals who have studied from universities outside of the Netherlands. It will be valid for one year duration being granted to fresh graduates for job search in Netherlands or within Europe. The foreign graduates will have to pay € 285 application fee and submit other required documents. During this one year of visa, graduates can do work or internship to afford their daily expenses. Financial proof is not needed to apply for orientation visa.

Once the students get employment from within the Netherlands, they can convert their orientation visa to highly skilled migrant permit without needing to exit the country. The work permits in Netherlands are applied by hiring employers rather than employees. The employer hiring the foreign graduate will apply for highly skilled work permit on employee’s behalf. The fresh graduates granted highly skilled migrant permit after orientation visa are not required to fulfill minimum salary requirement of the former visa type. It must be noted here, the orientation visa will be granted only once for 1 year duration, no extension will be granted on it, if the graduates fail to find job in this duration, they will be bound to leave Netherlands territory within this time limit.

Fontys University, Eindhoven

Hotelschool The Hauge, Hauge

Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht

Radboud University, Nijmegen

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (UG Pathway)

Tio University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

University of Twente, Enschede 

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam and Apeldoorn Campus